Pom Pom Hat

pom pom hat

pom pom hat

The pom pom has been created for the marines not to smash their head when they were on board (not official version…).

Here, no marines, no boat, the pom pom hat is the blue-melon reference.
The pom pom is the little “plus” that makes the difference.
It’s a question of style before all.
If you take a fur pom pom, a colored bobble of Coolich, a more classical shape with Brekka or Pipolaki, it will not let you alone.
Choose the one you like, make you own style.

The one we love is the braid pom hat from Brekka, truly original.
This winter, a large choice of junior pom pom hat junior is available, just to keep your child head hot…and with style.

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