Welcome to the Blue Melon!

Welcome on Blue Melon, Your e-shop of beanie, hat, flat cap, scarves and accessories.
This website is yours. Our passion, we want to share it with you.
Go through our e-shop and have fun.
Have a look at our pompom beanie, our fashion beanie, or our freestyle beanie, all styles of beanies are on blue-melon.com
Trapper hats, headbands, gloves and scarves are also available, and don’t forget our beautiful Thyo ski socks.
With our collection of hats and flat caps, stay fashioned every day, all over the year.
With products coming from Italy, Czech Republik, France, Austria, Belgium or England, you will find your style in those european hats influences.

In one word, go out covered with style and pleasure.

Brekka Media

Brekka Headwear makes marketing more fun and sexy.
Watch this.

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